The Jigsaw Man: How I ensure your insurance advice fits into some of life’s biggest decisions

Let’s face it, I know that nine times out of 10, a conversation about insurance is the final rung on the ladder when it comes to life’s big decisions.

The house purchase, the marriage, starting a family, upgrading the car or investing in a family bach all tend to involve sit-down conversations with loved ones, probably a representative from your bank, your lawyer, and maybe a mortgage adviser before you get around to investigating just how to get in contact with Phil Robinson Insurance.

But making these big decisions often galvanizes the need the protect them, too, and chances are your lawyer, bank rep or mortgage broker will start talking about insurance at some stage of the process. And this is where expert insurance advice comes in – I can focus on your specific lifestyle, financial and family situation and help tailor the ideal cover that protects you and yours.

How I do that makes me something of a jigsaw man in that I have to fit together the varied pieces of your life and match them with the other professionals you must deal with.

I speak your language

I’ll sit down and learn all about you, your family, your business or career, and what major milestones are on your horizon. Because I’ve spent years building good relationships with professionals throughout East Auckland, I can work with them on behalf of clients without those clients having to understand the professional jargonese and small print that swirls around lawyers, mortgage brokers and banks. I’m able to find the relevant facts, discuss them openly and clearly with clients, and then translate those facts into a comprehensive plan for your family.

I’ve earnt your trust

In a small community such as East Auckland with a limited number of law and accountancy firms and where everyone tends to know each other, the importance of professional relationships becomes magnified. Howick and the surrounding suburbs are a close-knit community – just look at the success of the East Auckland Grapevine – making trustworthiness a vital part of my armoury.

I’ve worked hard to learn how to be the best

Regulations around financial advice and advisers in New Zealand has been in the headlines for years now – and rightly so – culminating in new legislation on March 15th, 2021 that has formalised a code of conduct, simplified terminology, and ensures the competency of those of us working in the industry. Although my credentials are quite clear (I was NZ Financial Services Group’s Northern Region’s Insurance Adviser of the year in 2016, second overall for Insurance Adviser of the year in 2017, and once again in the top-three for 2018), I have seen these changes coming for some eleven years and so completed the level-five certificate in financial services in 2018, that the new law has now imposed.